The fortress of Angera

Angera lies in front of Arona in the southern part of Lake Maggiore and is dominated by a rocky buttress. At the end of the 13th century the potent family Visconti, princes of Milan, built a castle on the buttress, that was bought by the family Borromeo in 1449. It is a rare example of integrally conserved medieval fortified building. Inside you can visit rooms with stone chimneys and pictures representing members of the family Borromeo. The most important room is the Law-hall, wholly decorated with profane frescos dating to the end of the 13th century and exalting the deeds of Ottone Visconti, the founder of the family that ruled Milan for 170 years. From this room you can reach the tower to enjoy a view to the southern part of Lake Maggiore and Arona. The rooms on the ground floor house an important doll collection organised by Princess Bona Borromeo. An automata Museum and the reconstruction of a medieval garden complete it.